Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: SEPTEMBER 2004 - BEST OF STEPHEN KING



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September 2004 Trilogy Pics:
With Halloween & the fall season right around the corner... whom better to bring on the creeps then Stephen King. This month's trilogy pics are films based on Stephen King stories.

The night is young. Not everyone you invited over for your trilogy night is there yet, so what better movie to start with then Creepshow 2. A film that's cut up into 3 segments and easily accesable no matter when you come into it. Granted, as an adult these short stories come off slightly cheesy (especially the first skit), but i have fond memories of the Tar creature in the lake terrorizing those teenagers and the Hitchhiker that just wouldn't die. The combo of those two skits to a young impressionable mind, scared the crap out of me! Especially the "thanks for the ride, lady" ghoul. And how funny is it, in the Tar creature skit, when all the other teens are dead, the last guy tries to make-out with the last surviving unconscience girl? "I... beat... YOU!" Sure ya did, buddy. If anything, this is a good group movie to watch while a party's just beginning and everyone is in the process of getting their drink on.

Ok, time to get serious. When you take something written by Stephen King, pass it over to David Cronenberg to direct and cast Christopher Walken in the lead... you just can't get more serious then that! The Dead Zone is one of my all time favorite Stephen King stories, and one of Cronenberg's most under rated films. I never pictured Christopher Walken in the lead role as Johnny Smith, but much like his cameos in other films, he steals the show. You may know a bit about the plot from the current TV series, but in the off chance you don't, it's better to discover the story of this film on your own as it unfolds. Try to enter this movie with little or no knowledge of what's to follow & hopefully you'll enjoy it more. Just rest assured that you're in for a touching and brilliant performance by Walken, a creepy sinister performance from Martin Sheen and some gruesome, shocking violence ala Cronenberg. (a suicide involving scissors in the throat!?) The Dead Zone is a gem of a film that deserves to be rediscovered.

At this point, you've already gotten through the serious shit. You might as well freak everyone the fuck out with an evil clown. Stephen King's IT is how you should end your evening. Originally split up into a two night mini-series the DVD features the entire 4 hour epic. This isn't the greatest adaption of a Stephen King story, but there's something about the first half of this movie. The innocence of these childhood friends is something everyone can relate to. And then, to have them be hunted and killed by an evil being that prays on their fears, in the shape of Pennywise the Dancing Clown is absolutely frightening. Tim Curry is at his devilish best in the title role. The second half boasts a huge slew of television stars from John Ritter to Harry Anderson and Annette O' Toole. But there's just something lacking in the second half of IT. (both in the book and the movie). The first half with the kids is the stand out portion of this otherwise decent adaption. That's why i recommend watching it last. If people choose to pass out or leave early, at least they didn't miss anything too worthwhile.

There you have it. Next month, in honor of Halloween, we'll give you trilogy pics for Halloween night. 'Til then. -robg.

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