Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: MAY 2005 - SLASHERS AND STALKERS



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May 2005 Trilogy Pics:
In honor of our Bob Clark interview this month, as well as our one year anniversary of stalking... errr, I mean politely asking people for interviews, we've decided to make this month's trilogy picks short, sweet & to the point. 3 awesome "stalker/slasher" classics! In fact, this month's selections offer's you the unique opportunity to get as wrecked as you like during the screening of these 3 flicks, because you'll just think you're watching the same movie 3 times in a row! (And in this particular case, that's a good thing!)

Let's go in chronological order. One of this month's Fright exclusive interviews featured director Bob Clark. So, what's the "slasher" genre without 'Black Christmas'? If you've never seen 'Black Christmas', then what are you waiting for? You will notice it's influence on EVERY horror movie since the 70's. Even the recent flick 'SAW' featured a 'Black Christmas' lift. It's just a good, old-school scary movie. You've got the beautiful Olivia Hussey, a few years after her memorable turn as Juliet in the Romeo & Juliet movie and a pre-Superman Margot Kidder being... well, Margot Kidder. You've got a creepy stalker dude making very obscene phone calls. This and the Exorcist are the only two movies I can think of that openly use the "C" word. (You know, the word most woman hate calling someone, unless they're really really mad?) Hands down, a classic and the reason the next two flicks exist!

'Halloween'. A genius movie in it's own right thanks to the wonderful direction of one Mister John Carpenter. (Or is it because of Nick Castle's performance of Michael Myers?) We all know the story with this one, but it will play as a wonderful sequel to 'Black Christmas' if you watch them back to back.

Fast forward a few decades and round out the evening with the recently released 'Malevolence'. Sure, it's got similarities to the previous feature of the evening, but that's what makes it cool. 'Malevolence' is the closest thing we can get to a faster paced remake of 'Halloween' without having to use the Michael Myers character and ruin what's already been established. Besides, some of the scares are fantastic, so if there are any ladies present for this screening, this will confirm that you get to walk them home as you probably promised before the evening began. ;-)

Sure, your evening might seem a bit repetitive with these particular features, but hey... if you're looking for 4 and a half hours of pure "slasher" perfection, then you can't go wrong with these 3 stellar flicks. -robg.

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