Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: JUNE 2005 - VACATIONS FROM HELL!



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June 2005 Trilogy Pics:
Vacations From HELL!!!

Motel Hell:
Something helps make Farmer Vincent's smoked meats so tasty that folks come from all around to the Motel Hello to sample them. It's not Worstershire sauce. When a young woman is injured in a motorcycle accident that takes her boyfriends life, she finds herself nursed back to health by Farmer Vincent and his sister Ida who run the a motel/meat processing facility. Don't question these things. "Motel Hell" is the perfect summer midnight movie--it's got a real campy tongue in cheek humor to it. This is one of those movies that used to play on USA Up All Night and TBS late-nights when cable used to show actual movies. Look for a brief appearance by Cheer's mailman John Ratzenberger as one of Farmer Vincent's victims.
Tourist Trap:
This is a bizarre early film from David Schmoeller, the writer/director of the first "Puppet Master" film, as well as 1986's creepy Klaus Kinski vehicle "Crawlspace". It stars (typically) western actor Chuck Connors. He's a real weird. Runs a "tourist trap" museum featuring lots of dressed up mannequins that sometime seem to be rather alive. Turns out he can control these mannequins with powers he has, and when a group of young vacationers go messing around where they shouldn't... It's a really unique little movie, like Motel Hell I remember it from it's showings on USA Up All Night. I know this one is also a favorite of author Stephen King who mentions it frequently in his 1982 horror-essay "Danse Macabre".
Two Thousands Maniacs!:
One of Herschel Gordon Lewis (the granddaddy of gore) best movies. A group of young people find themselves detoured into a small town's 100 Anniversary Civil War Celebration. Little do they know that they've just been suckered into being the town's centennial blood sacrifices. As the South rises again the six yanks are dismembered, crushed, rolled down a hill in a barrel of nails. All in beautiful bright color! Considered very shocking in it's day, it's a lot campier and humorous now. And since we're on the Vacations from Hell them--the part of Florida where Two Thousand Maniacs was shot is now....part of Walt Disney World. The south rises yet again next year in "2001 Maniacs", a remake starring Robert Englund. -mikec.


i like to watch motel hell;they had it on watch movie.net but they took it off.thank you

What I call a motel is a terraced row of hotel rooms, what we commonly refer to as bungalows, or a resort in Thailand.

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