Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: JULY 2006 - BEST OF DAVID CRONENBERG



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July. 2006 Trilogy Pics:

July 2006 Trilogy Pics

David Cronenberg is amazing and one of my favorite directors. I mean, have you ever seen him lately? He looks like the kind of guy who makes the movies he does. The brushed back gray hair, the owlish glasses, and his peculiar speech. His early films are filled with themes of psychology, twisted sex, and there he is - looking like a demented psychotherapist. He even played one in “Nightbreed”! I wouldn’t let this guy analyze the contents of my grilled cheese sandwich, let alone my subconscious.

The Brood: Rarely have I heard horror fans speak in reverence of “The Brood”. I think it’s easily the creepiest and outright scariest of his early films. A blend of themes explored in Scanner and Shivers: Oliver Reed is an on-the-fringe psychologist whose method includes training his patient’s bodies to physically react to their past traumas while role-plays out the scenarios for him. For example, in the first scene of the film Reed takes on the role of a hypnotized patient’s father, causing lesions and welts to appear over the man’s body. The effect is supposed to be temporary, however his patients appear to grow addicted to the procedure. Oh yea, one other problem: His “star” patient (Samatha Eggar)…well, her anger unfortunately manifests itself not as welts and bruises. Her anger comes in the form of an increasing number of creepy albino children in snowsuits who are awfully handy with a hammer, awfully handy. She’s locked away at Reed’s institute, but if she gets angry at you during one of his sessions—lock the doors. It sounds ridiculous, I know it does, it even sounds downright confusing. It’s not either, because in Cronenberg’s very capable hands “The Brood” at times is horrifyingly effective. The first scene where members of “the brood” attack should be held as one of the scariest moments in horror. It’s not what you don’t or do see, but how Cronenberg choose not to let you see it (check out the shot when one of the little monsters is on top of the fridge, I get chills just thinking about it).  Finally, and typically of early Cronenberg, when you’ve had enough scares he whips out the brilliantly disgusting and twisted conclusion. I wouldn’t even dream of spoiling that one for you, but I assure you, its fetus licking good.

Videodrome: One of Dave’s better known early works, but again, probably not as widely seen as it should be. It’s a more difficult and challenging film, and it actually took me a few tries over the years to finally sit it out. James Woods is set into investigating a satellite TV feed that looks to be authentic snuff and torture film footage. He gets a videotape of it and soon enough it’s clear there’s more being broadcast than you can see. Something about this begins to affect his mind, and the minds of anyone else that’s watched it. This one is hard to explain, but let’s say things start to get weird for Mr. Woods. Weird like...crazy body piercing sex sessions with Debbie “Blondie” Harry and strange hallucinations like the TV trying to suck you in (no, there are not midget psychics in “Videodrome”). There’s a very uneasy tone throughout this one, much in the way some of his more recent films like “Crash” or “Spider” have been.

Scanners: If you’re having yourself a triple feature screening of Cronenberg’s earlier work, then why not top it all off with ‘Scanners’? Within the first 15 minutes of ‘Scanners’, you’ll get one of, if not THE best head explosions in cinematic history. There are 237 “scanners” in the world. These are people with telekinetic abilities that stemmed from an experimental drug their mother’s took during pregnancy. In a nutshell, all they have to do is think really, really hard… and your head will explode. And to make matters worse, Michael Ironside is one of them. And he’s a bad guy. This is probably the only Cronenberg film to spawn 4 sequels! (All of which aren’t all that bad! Yes, Even ‘Scanner Cop’!) So, there you have it. ‘Til next month … -mikec.

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