Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: JANUARY 2005 - THREE'S COMPANY WITH A BODY COUNT



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January 2005 Trilogy Pics:
They say... third times a charm. And in this month's trilogy pics, we're going to prove thats true with three underrated sequels.

If 'The Exorcist: The Beginning' accomplished anything, it was to remind me how good the previous entry in the franchise was. William Peter Blatty, writer of the original Exorcist novel returns to both script and direct this 'The Exorcist 3: Legion'. With the stellar cast of George C. Scott, Brad Dourif & Jason Miller returning, this marks probably the one and only decent sequel worthy of the Exorcist name. George C. Scott plays Lt. Kinderman who is investigating a serial killer in Georgetown; where the imfamous exorcism of the first film took place. Could a killer who was executed 15 years early the same night as Regan's exorsicm be responsible for the current crop of slain preists & doctors? This movie has at least ONE scare that will make you crawl down under your couch. Start you evening out with this underrated Part 3.

Why not follow it up by one of the most troubled sequels in horror history. 'Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 3'. At the time of it's release, the MPAA chopped this movie to bits and angered both fans and the filmmakers. Now, years later we can finally enjoy a completely uncut and restored version of this cult classic on DVD. Two teens travel cross-country to deliver a car and stumble upon the hunting ground of a cannibalistic family. Excellent cast here again with Kate Hodge and William Butler in the leads. Good ole Viggo Mortensen (of Lord Of The Rings fame) portrays one of the series most memorable psycho characters. R.A. Mihailoff does a good job as Leatherface this go round, and last but not least we've got Dawn Of The Dead's Ken Foree to kick his ass as Benny. An overlooked sequel that deserves another look.

How can we wrap up our underrated third's trilogy? Why not with 'A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors'. Often thought of as one of the best entries in the Nightmare series, it features some of the most innovative Freddy sequences ever seen. Let's not forget Patricia Arquette, Laurence Fishburne in some of their earliest performances and returning favorites Robert Englund & Heather Langenkamp. Acting as a direct sequel to the first film, between part one and three, you've got a really solid complete story for Freddy Krueger. While Part 4 was one of the most successful entries theatrically, Part 3 stands out as one of the bests. Enjoy! -robg.


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