Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: DECEMBER 2005 - WHEN GORY THINGS HAPPEN TO ADORABLE LITTLE CHILDREN



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Dec. 2005 Trilogy Pics:
December 2005 Trilogy Pics: When Gory Things Happen To Adorable Little Children

'Tis the season folks! That old adage that "Christmas is for children" rings true in my heart this month. December's Trilogy Pics is a tribute to the rarest of horror victims: The Adorable Little Kid. Kids and puppies have remained relatively safe in the horror genre. Even today it's a considered shocking when something really nasty and violent happens to children in a movie. Sometimes even the most hardcore genre fanatic can be left with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to violence on children. There have been, however, notable exceptions: The one that scared the living hell out of me at a tender age was Chuck Russell's 1988 remake of the "The Blob". There is a scene where The Jellied One shockingly grabs a 12 year old and then holds up the dripping, half-digested remains for all to see. Guillermo Del Toro's "Mimic" has a shocking scene of little bugger vs. big bug that nearly sent me out of the theater. Anyone catch the Stuart Gordon directed episode of "Masters of Horror"? Woo-boy! That's a killer. I want to pick out two films you may not have seen, and one that I think is terribly underrated for all the wrong reasons. This months pics are: "The Children", "Don't Torture a Duckling" and "Pet Sematary".

The Children (1980): Another one of my USA Up All Night memories, I was thrilled to find a very beat up, but commercial free and uncut VHS copy a few years ago. Here's the deal: These kids are on their way to school when the schoolbus drives through a cloud of nuclear whatsamcallit. The results are awesome: The kids fingernails all turn black, they go zombie on us, and begin to kill their parents and immediate families. They don't just kill ya though: They hug you to death. Anyone who comes in contact with their blackened little fingers begins to burn. It's pretty sicko stuff. Now, I'm gonna spoil the ending of this movie for you because it's the one other reason I'm recommending it to you. The only way they can find to stop all the kids....is to cut their fucking hands off. Oh yes, you'll see this. It's not pretty. This one is kind of hard to find, you're going to have to do some hunting at a horror convention or on Ebay.

(*editor's note: THE CHILDREN is now available on DVD thanks to Troma!!!)

Don't Torture A Duckling (1972): This is one of the first times Lucio Fulci got a little nasty on us. In a rural, mountainous part of Sicily somebody is murdering the local school children. You know what you're going to see when the name and phrase "Fulci" and "murder school children" appear in the same review, so I don't need to go much further. Just know that the sleaze factor is cranked up to a full Italian-giallo style 10. First off, most of these aren't "innocent sweet adorable kids". They're like...disgusting foul-mouthed 11 year olds. We've got once scene where one is kinda-sorta seduced by his mother's always naked female tenant. It's a film I've seen once, and really don't need to see again.

Pet Semetary (1989): I watched this again, for the first time all the way through, on cable the other night and was inspired to write this column. A lot of the reviews from it's original release are pretty nasty towards this film. I found it to be one of the better Stephen King adaptations. The story is a take on the old "Monkey's Paw" story: The Creeds move to Maine near an old Indian burial ground that can bring the recently deceased back to life. Throw in tractor trailers and two-year olds and you see where this is headed. "Pet Semetary" is much more than that on a whole. It's a really interesting American Gothic tale and Mary Lambert creates some scenes of shock, suspense and mood. You've got an excellent performance from the late Fred Gywnne ("The Munsters, "My Cousin Vinny") as the neighbor who shares a secret best left secret. The great spooky stuff like Pascow, the spirit of a dead patient of Louis Creed who has returned to warn him, Rachel Creed's flashbacks to her insane, deformed sister. And of course, you have a semi mowing down a two year old who comes back from the dead with a surgeons scalpel and a bad attitude. And the ending is very disturbing and almost tormenting to watch. I think time will ultimately be very kind to "Pet Semetary". -mikec.

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