Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: AUGUST 2004 - GORE GALORE!



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August 2004 Trilogy Pics:
Ok, folks... it's Robg.'s turn to pick a trilogy of movies you should watch this month. And being that we're in August and the humidity here in New York is unbearable... the only thing I can possible find comfort in... is the severe and brutal gory deaths of silly supporting characters from some really sicko horror movies. This month's pics are based on GORE GALORE!!!

Damn... those Lord Of The Rings movies are cool. And everything about them seems like they're made by a passionate filmmaker who understands how to balance a love story, a true friendship, action, monsters, ghouls, big scary bad guys and a solid story. (Granted they're adapted from books but that's beside the point.) I bet you're watching those LOTR movies and thinking... "Man, I wish whoever made this movie would make a zombie movie that's THIS cool!" Guess what, kids? He DID. DEAD ALIVE is Peter Jackson's 2nd proper film, and it's a zombie classic! He takes the cue from Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD films, and doubles everything cool about them. Double the humor. Double the gore. Double the insane plot! It's about a boy (Lionel) and his mother. And a spider-monkey. Who bites mom. She dies. Becomes a zombie. Kills people. They become zombies. Lionel tries to hide all the zombies in his basement. Priest and nurse do the nasty. And someone decides (actually Lionel's greedy blackmailing uncle) that it'd be a good idea to have a party at Lionel's house. Ya know... the place with all the zombie's in the basement? I'm telling you... this movie kicks ass for the lord. Starts out slow, but as the box boasts, it becomes "the goriest fright film of all time." 'Nuff said.

Ok, so the night is young. You want to continue your trilogy screening, but you want something a bit more serious. Remember that cool Dawn Of The Dead remake a few months back? Forget that. DAY OF THE DEAD is better. Now, I know this is a touchy subject for zombie/ Romero fans, but personally, i think this is his BEST of the Living Dead movies. It's a small group of people & a band of soldiers struggling to figure out what their next plan of action should be. Although it's slow paced, I get so lost in the plot of this film and wonder what I'd do if I were in their place, because it seems so realistic. Just the interaction between this stellar cast & the hostility that is constantly evident. This is hand's down some of Tom Savini's best work ever. Long before the days of terrible CGI, the things done in this movie STILL hold up today as simply amazing. Most notably, when a zombie cut open at the chest rises up off a table and all his insides fall out. And then there's Dr. Frankenstein and BUB. These new movies may have "fast" and "scarier" zombies, but the zombies in a Romero film have individual personalities. And they're memorable. Can you name one zombie (besides Jay Leno) from the newer Dawn? Like I said, not that I didn't enjoy that new remake, but newer fans who enjoyed it should go back and see what Romero did first since a lot of them are unaware these films even exist. I'd gladly make any day a DAY OF THE DEAD.

Ok, so it's real late at this point. You've sat thru two sicko gore flicks and you're probably a little drunk, tipsy or whatever. How could you possibly end this evening? You can't go wrong with the first TOXIC AVENGER. This movie... is so WRONG on so many levels that it's fantastic. We've got the geek who becomes a superhero and tears apart criminals limb from limb. LITERALLY! I know it's wrong... but I can't help but be entertained by some of the things in this movie. The shooting of the seeing eye dog. Toxie nailing his blind girlfriend for the first time. Melvin's voice when he becomes the Toxic Avenger. The robber who gets his hands dunked in a vat of french fry grease. And my personal favorite... I KNOW it's so wrong, but I can't help but laugh at a sweet little old lady getting sucker punched in the stomach. The sequels aren't all that (except for Citizen Toxie) but the original is the perfect way to end an evening of GORE GALORE!!! -robg.

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