Quantcast Trilogy Pics - 3 Movies You Should Watch Tonight: APRIL 2005 - JSYN'S PICKS



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April 2005 Trilogy Pics:
Rob G. asked me to do this kinda last minute so here goes:


First off, Peter Jackson's THE FRIGHTENERS is a great, funny, scary, entertaining movie. It's always been overlooked in my opinion and never gets the support it deserves, even from Jackson's fans. What's funny is that this was supposedly the movie that turned him off from making movies in Hollywood for good and sticking firm to his beloved New Zealand. It might have been for the best though, because obviously LOTR is like the biggest thing ever and his upcoming KING KONG is looking mighty sweet. I happen to own the hella cool FRIGHTENERS mega-super-deluxe-director's cut on laserdisc which contains TONS of extra footage cut right into the movie. Even if you get stuck watching the bare-bones DVD, you wont come away disappointed. There are so many cool things about this movie, from the story to the casting to the awsome special effects. If you are a fan of stuff like EVIL DEAD 2 and BUBBA HO-TEP, you owe it to yourself to check this one out!

Next up is HELLBOY, one of the best fucking comic-book to film adaptations EVERRRR! This is one of my all-time favorite movies and I love, love, LOVE it! This is good old-fashioned action adventure at it's finest. Yes, I am a big HELLBOY fan from the comics. I had no idea how they were gonna make this into a movie. It's not like it's a franchise with a built-in audience like say, Spiderman. Well that big lovable bastard Guillermo Del Toro took it, ran with it, and scored the game winning touchdown for all us fanboys! I ask you, what is not to like about this movie? It has monsters, evil nazi's, monsters beating up evil nazi's, more monsters, explosions, mysterious government agencies (with monsters), Ragna Rok, Lovecrafitian mythos, and of course some of the best special effects that NEVER won any Academy Awards! But above all that, this movie has something so many other comic-book movies lack: heart! I'm talking to YOU, Elektra!

And finally we have RESIDENT EVIL 4 for the Nintendo GameCube! Now I know what your thinking... this ain't a movie, it's a video game! Well no duh. But guess what? THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING HORROR MOVIE YOU'LL EVER SEE!!!! I don't care if you hate video games. I don't care if you never even played a video game! I promise you, this is soooo insanely good in so many ways, I would rather play this for 2 hours than watch any movie that came out in the last 50 years! I mean, SHIT JUMPS OUT AT YOU! IT'S FUCKING SCARY! You are constantly on the edge of your seat, I shit you not! And not in a cheesy way either, they play it all very straight. It's as intense of an experience as ANY horror movie. ZOMBIES, MONSTERS, WEIRD VILLAGES, EVIL MONKS, MACHINE GUNS, this one's got it all baby! I know some of you out there are intimidated by the next-gen consoles and that is ok. Hey look, I too lost interest in video games when they started making them with more than 2 buttons. But with RE4, the simplified control scheme is so user-friendly, anyone with basic motor skills can just pick it up and play. It truly unfolds like an interactive big-budget action/horror movie, on par with either of the two films I recommended above. This is THE definitve action/horror video game and well worth the investment of a GameCube for this alone. After all, horror fans cannot live on DVD's alone!

Well those are my trilogy picks for the month of April. Hopefully Rob G. will host a "wall nite" so the Techno-Weenie and Wilkie can firsthand experience the joys of Jake Busey, the Right Hand Of Doom, and poppin caps in zombie azz! -Jsyn

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