Quantcast Meet The Icons Of Fright Staff
"First rule of Fright club... you don't talk about Fright club."

Mike C.

The name & idea behind the Icons Of Fright website was concieved by Michael after watching an interview with Michael Berryman on The Hills Have Eyes: Special Edition DVD. "I just thought it would be cool to talk to him!" He recruited web designer, friend and mutual horror enthusist, Robg. to help put together the Icons Of Fright site, in which the duo would conduct respectful and informative interviews with various genre professionals.

Contact Mike C. @: mikec@iconsoffright.com

Rob G.

Robg. had been practicing his web skills with both his band & portfolio websites, when Mike approached him with the idea of doing a horror related website. "It was a great idea, and something I knew I'd have a great time working on." The pair got together and mapped out exactly what features would be on Icons Of Fright. Both agreed on making the Icons interviews the main focus. "A lot of our questions just stem from late night diner conversations. We're just huge fans & love hearing the little stories behind the scenes of our favorite films."

Contact Rob G.
@ robg@iconsoffright.com

Adam Barnick.

Adam Barnick is the NJ-based filmmaker behind the impressive short film 'MAINSTREAM' which had won a spot on the Fangoria Blood Drive Volume 2 DVD. A firm supporter of the local independent scene, he's already interviewed dozens of up & coming local filmmakers on his website AdamBarnick.com. He contributes regularly to Icons Of Fright.

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Jsyn. (Jay Alvino)

Jsyn is a long-time friend with Icons Of Fright webmaster Robg. The two used to attend the old Fango cons together, & have shared a number of jobs thru-out the years; a few including work on independent horror features, as well as ventures in the music biz. Jsyn now contributes articles on upcoming horror imports, advance reviews & is the man behind the 'Vault of the Forgotten & Obscure' section of the site.

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Kevin Klemm.

Kevin is the man behind The Ed Gein Collection and also writes for the magazine publication 'GIRLS AND CORPSES'. He met Icons Of Fright's Robg at a party at Lin Shaye's house in LA. He created and writes the 'GRINDHOUSE AFICIONADO' section of Icons Of Fright.

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Scott Lefebvre

We met Scott at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors convention in NJ in June of 2007 and immediately hit it off with this talented writer. He offered his services to specifically review horror literature and books, and we took him up on it! Scott reviews all the novels in our recently launched Icons Of Fright BOOK REVIEW section. Contact him if you'd like your novel reviewed.

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Myk is a old friend of Robg.'s and also a frequent contributor to the Long Island publication, Under The Volcano. An avid horror enthusist who has previously worked for Neca, Myk gets his horror fix by submitting reviews, write-ups & interviews for Icons Of Fright.

Contact Myk. @

Phil Fasso

Phil Fasso has a Master's degree in English and a Ph. D in guts and gore.  He's watched thousands of horror movies, read hundreds of horror novels and collections, and written some ghastly reviews for Icons.  He was last seen being devoured by a horde of zombies out of a Romero movie.

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Our Chicago based writer Beth shares a mutual love of all things horror with IOF's editor Robg. When she's not writing her own fiction, graphic novel stories or screenplays, she contributes DVD reviews to Icons Of Fright.

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Danny Price

Danny Price is our import writer from Australia! He created SCHLOCK VALUE, a new Icons column in the vein of TRILOGY PICKS and THE VAULT OF THE FORGOTTEN & OBSCURE. He'll also be contributing DVD reviews for different region DVD releases outside the states.

Contact Myk. @

Vin M. (aka the Techno Weenie)

Vin is a good friend of Rob G.'s and a one time co-worker of Mike C.'s. In fact, Vin introduced Rob & Mike and is indirectly responsible for this sites conception. Between the Techno Weenie incident with Robert Englund & Vin's humorous rants, we just knew he had to be a part of the site in some capacity. "We just thought... Let's give him his own page. And he can do and say whatever. At the very least, we know we'll be entertained by his posts."

Contact Vin M. @

Bunni Speigelman.

A noted college professor, Bunni   was first noticed by Icons staffers after her detailed analysis of short films screening at the New York City Horror Film Festival, as well as her continuing analyses on the nature of voyeurism in horror films.  (links to come!)

Her short stories and monologues have been read and performed in venues on New York's Upper East Side and downtown at Collective Unconscious, as well as Reverend Jen's Anti-Slam.  She maintains two popular websites, Bunniblog (www.misslapin.blogspot.com) and All About Boys (http://www.about-boys.blogspot.com).  Aside from short stories her first novel is expected in 2007.  She recently interviewed James Wan and J.T. Petty for Icons of Fright.

In her spare time she enjoys travel and stitching Cthulhu-inspired bath mitts and purses, with an upcoming side business in the works.

Contact Bunni. @

Danny W.

Danny created and runs the HORROR-FANATICS website and the HORROR-FANATICS My Space profile, one of the biggest horror profiles on My Space. He occassionally submits articles to the Icons Of Fright site. Currently, he writesd a colum with reviews of Master Of Horror Season Two. Visit him at www.Horror-Fanatics.com and www.MySpace.com/HorrorFanatics.

Contact Danny. @

John Torrani.

John Torrani is a local filmmaker and friend to the Icons Of Fright staff. We can never get enough of his love of exploitation cinema, so we gave him his own column 'MOVIES THE BAD KIDS LIKE'. John will check in periodically to recommend a exploitation crap classic.

Contact John. @

Neil A.

Robg. met Neil while working together in the video department of Tower Records and they immediately hit it off, thanks to their mutual love of the horror genre. Neil has an amazing almost encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, and contributes among some of the most informative DVD reviews on the site.

Contact Neil A. @

Gavin McCormack.

Gavin is a New York writer who contacted us via our My Space profile and offered his writing services to the overworked Icons Of Fright staff. How could we resist? Besides, he won us over with his first contribution, a review of 'House Of The Dead 2'. We look forward to more of his insightful articles.

Contact Gavin. @

Other Contributors to Icons Of Fright include:

Adam Rains. - CD Autopsy Reviews, runs 'Icons Of Horror Rock'.

Devin. - Devin is a friend of ours that we met thru My Space.com. He sent us a message to our profile there requesting to submit reviews for our DVD review section, and we put him to work right away. He's now a regular contributor. Contact Devin. @: buriedongolgotha@gmail.com

Jeff Hayes. - Jeff Hayes is an old friend of Icons Of Fright webmaster Robg. and also one of our very first Icons Of Fright interview posts. (from our second edition, back in June of 2004). He maintains the official Sleepaway Camp website, works on both his music & films and still finds time to submit the occassional interview to our site. Contact Jeff. @: jeff@sleepawaycampmovies.com

Chris S. - DVD Reviews

Iron Mike Kerr. - Reviews, 'Nice To Meet You', also runs 'Icons Of The Ring.com'.