Quantcast The Making of SON OF HORROR BUSINESS

An Icons Of Fright visit to California (April. 06) by Robg.

For a full week toward the end of March of 2006, Icons own Robg. & filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano embarked on a journey to parts of Los Angeles and Hollywood to obtain footage for Chris's next documentary project 'SON OF HORROR BUSINESS' - the follow up to his acclaimed documentary 'HORROR BUSINESS'. With his first full length feature 'SOUTH TEXAS BLUES' already prepping for pre-production, it seemed like the ideal time to get as much footage as possible for 'SON OF HORROR BUSINESS' while we had the chance. While the first film took a look at the struggle in making horror films, the second film will be a celebration of the horror revolution that we are on the cusp of. More filmmakers! More personalities! More chaos! All of it will be in 'SON OF HORROR BUSINESS'. The majority of our trip revolved around capturing the making of upcoming writer/director Paul Solet's promotional short film for 'GRACE', which stars Liza Weil (Stir Of Echos, Gilmore Girls) and Brian Austin Green! The short was shooting on 35 mm and is being created to drum up interest & financing for the full length, which Paul also plans to direct. Our gracious host on the trip was Bloody-Disgusting writer Spooky Dan, who was kind enough to let us stay in his guest house. He joined us for the majority of the shoot & interviews. Along the way, we ran into legendary director Bob Clark, the beautiful Felissa (Sleepaway Camp) Rose, cult filmmaker Damon Packard and many, many more. Below is what we were able to photograph on our journey. The rest as they say, is history!!!


On the set of Paul Solet's 'GRACE'. Adam Barnick, Paul Solet & Jake Hamilton look on as the crew flips over a truck for the sequence!

Adam Barnick captures the behind the scenes footage for 'GRACE'.

The WICKED EFX team preps 'GRACE' and the other "gags" for the shoot.

Chris Garetano documents behind-the-scenes footage of Paul Solet's 'GRACE' for 'Son of Horror Business'.

Jsyn Alvino, Ed Melamed, & Marissa Masella prep actor Brian Austin Green for his grisly death sequence!

Both Chris Garetano and Adam Barnick shoot behind the scenes footage of Brian Green's transformation.

With a pen already in the jugular, the WICKED team start applying the fake eyeball!

Actress Liza Weil (Madeline) looks on as WICKED completes Brian's make-up.

The finished make-up!!!

Icons own Robg. catches up with Jake Hamilton at the baby store location. Jake's handling the sound design for 'GRACE' and continues to work on the full length script for 'MEANS TO AN END' in between takes.

Paul evaluates a shot set up thru the monitors.


Jake snags our camera and has a bit of fun at our expense.

Adam Barnick takes a quick break to chat with Robg. in between shot set-ups.

Back at the make-up studio in the warehouse, we eagerly await the 2am arrival of night-owl and legendary director Bob Clark!!! In the meantime, Robg. holds GRACE!

Director Bob Clark shows up to the set! Chris Garetano shoots an hour long interview with the legendary director of such films as 'Black Christmas', 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things', 'Porky's', 'A Christmas Story', 'Murder By Decree', 'Turk 182', & 'Deathdream'! Even after the camera's are off, he continues telling us stories for another 45 minutes, explaining to us why he's so excited to remake his first film 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'. Jsyn shows Bob GRACE and Bob immediately hires the Wicked crew to handle some of the effects on 'Children'!

Chris Garetano, Bob Clark, Jsyn, Robg., & Marissa.

Bloody-Disgusting's Spooky Dan teachs Bob how to be "metal"!

Later in the warehouse, the crew of GRACE prepares the "delivery room" set!

Paul talks with sound recordist Aaron Chandler.

Robg. and Spooky Dan on the set!!!

Spooky Dan and Robg. meet the lovely, yet slightly sinister looking nurses who will deliver GRACE!

Later in the evening, we meet up with cult filmmaker Damon Packard for a late night snack and interview. You can read all about Damon at his website Reflections Of Evil.com or at his My Space page.

Jsyn prepares some placenta for the birthing scene!

After 4 nights of pulling all-nighters, Ed falls asleep with a cup of coffee in his hand!

The WICKED crew prep GRACE (?) for the birth!

Paul directs Liza Weil for the soon to be infamous birthing scene.

GRACE is born?!

The next morning, we went out for lunch with Spooky Dan before Paul's shoot resumed. Below is a HUGE kick-ass 'Desperado' poster signed by star Antonio Banderas, which hangs in Dan's guest house!

This devil was also keeping us company (or keeping an eye on us perhaps?) in Dan's guest house!

We drove by the 'Safari Inn' from Tony Scott's 'TRUE ROMANCE'!

We drop by actress Felissa Rose's (Sleepaway Camp) house to record interview segments for both 'SON OF HORROR BUSINESS' and 'THE HORROR OF DANTE TOMASELLI' - another upcoming documentary project from Chris Garetano. Felissa's daughter Bianca joins us!

Felissa is married to Daron Miller, the singer/guitarist/frontman of the rock band CKY. (Which stands for Camp Kill Yourself) The couple own a number of original theatrical horror posters! Here's a peek at their collection!

One of Bob Clarks?! Black Christmas?!

Post-interview, Chris poses with Felissa Rose.

Spooky Dan, Felissa Rose, and Robg.

Later that evening, we're kept company by Frankie, Dan's dog before we're off to shoot more footage.

A shot from the monitors of the "birth" scene!

Chris captures the preperation for GRACE's birth!

And on our last night in town, Paul Solet poses with Chris Garetano and GRACE. Folks, these are our future Masters Of Horror!!!

Paul poses for a picture with fellow "Blood-Packer" Robg.