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Natassia Malthe!!!
The gorgeous and talented Natassia Malthe has appeared in a slew of genre films including DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, ELEKTRA, HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION and is currently starring in the screen adaptation of the popular video game franchise DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE. The exquisite Ms. Malthe can also be seen in the upcoming werewolf flick SKINWALKERS as well as starring as the vampire huntress Rayne in BLOODRAYNE: DELIVERANCE. Honestly folks, she could star in DICTIONARY: THE MOVIE and we would see it.

Don’t let those smoldering good looks fool you though; she could totally kick your ass with secret ninja skills and razor sharp wit. Read on as this incredibly hard-working actress takes time out of her packed schedule to trade barbs with our resident wise-ass, Jsyn. Just don’t ask her to fold your laundry. Zing! - by Jsyn 6/07

IOF: Hello Natassia!

Thanks for hanging out with us. Let’s just jump right in and get this out of the way:

FACT: You are ridiculously hot.

Everyone knows it. It’s all over the news. You were one of Maxim’s 100 Hottest Chicks in the Solar System or something. Now regardless of that undeniable tidbit, you don’t seem to pick “easy” roles. In some of your recent films you’ve played a ninja assassin, a vampire assassin and a werewolf (possibly also an assassin of some sort). Why do you seem to gravitate towards physically demanding roles?

NATASSIA MALTHE: Thanks. I used to be a ballerina and I used to kick all the male dancers in their arses!

IOF: And a follow-up question: Do you think most uber-hotties secretly want to be ninja assassins deep down inside?

NM: I think every girl in touch with their inner animal has that fantasy.

IOF: Mee-ow! What kind of training was required for DOA? Do you do your own stunts?

NM: Training came from fighting with all the guys I hung out with growing up! Yes, I did most of the stunts. The one in the trees was my favorite.
IOF: That scene holds a special place in my heart as well. Do you hold any belts or accolades for your martial arts abilities? Guys like girls with skills.

NM: I hold a black belt in movie martial arts.

IOF: Ha, ha, ha…well played! The character Ayane is a personal favorite in the DOA series. She’s got some pretty sweet combos. Be honest, do you dig videogames? (Since many horror fans also happen to be videogame nerds, you might want to say yes).
NM: I don’t play video games. I’m in them!

IOF: Touche! And a follow-up question: Were you tempted to keep Ayane’s hair color? Because that would be hot stuff.

NM: No, if I dyed it like that all the time I’d go bald.
IOF: I’m pretty sure almost all your DOA co-stars were professional models at one time or another. Do you feel it’s easier to segway into acting from modeling versus not having a modeling background?

NM: Modeling is probably a setback, not a plus, if you want to be taken seriously as an actress, which I do. But modeling definitely paid for my acting lessons.
IOF: With all the training and experience you’ve had throughout your career with combat and weaponry has it ever come in handy off-set? Has anyone ever tried to mess with you? Do you secretly wish they will? (I’m convinced you are actually a ninja who models and acts)

NM: Yes, I’m a ninja who happens to do acting and modeling as well, how’d you know?! People have tried to mess with me, but it all boomerangs back. I send it back at them through magic or maybe it’s just the law of karma. No one can pin me down. I am stronger than I look.
IOF: Ah yes, secret ninja magic. Your impressive body of work in film and television is all over the map, from rom-com’s to thrillers. What’s your favorite genre to work in? (Since this is a horror site, you might want to say horror)

NM: My favorite genre would be action-thrillers. I like horror, too, if I get to close my eyes and ears.

IOF: Good answer! So let’s talk horror. What are some of your earliest memories of the horror genre? What used to scare you as a kid?

NM: I watched Evil Dead, Death Ship, The Exorcist and others. All of them scared me. I liked to get scared. It’s the like the equivalent of drugs, but I don’t do drugs.

(*Writers note: Mike C, I swear, I did not put her up to that. She answered “Death Ship” of her own free will. She actually said “Death Boat”, but I knew what she was talking about.)

IOF: Have you seen any genre films recently that you dig? What are some of your faves?

NM: I saw 300. It’s eye candy for women! Men in loincloths! I felt like Ms. Butthead watching it: heh heh heh!

IOF: Um… I too enjoyed 300. But not for the loincloths. Tell us about Skinwalkers. Word on the street is that it’s got sexy werewolves. Please say it’s got sexy werewolves.

NM: It’s got sexy werewolves!

IOF: NICE! That’s all we really need to know. You’ve also completed Bloodrayne: Deliverance. Director Uwe Boll is infamous for making what some film snobs call “terrible” movies. Honestly, I think that guy is bonkers and I love him for it. Can you tell us a little about working with Dr. Boll?

NM: Uwe is really nice. It was fun working for him. He doesn’t like to follow rules…

IOF: Who does? What were some of your more challenging projects to date?

NM: Skinwalkers was the most challenging. That make-up chair where the transformation from human to werewolf took place made me think of an electric chair.

IOF: Indeed! Do you have a dream project or role you are itching to land?

NM: I have a lot of dream roles. Every good role you see out there is what I want.

IOF: It seems every time an actress is asked what actresses they admire, the answer is always Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. Now I’m not hating on those two, I’m just sick of hearing about them. Are there any actresses that you admire that aren’t Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. Maybe someone a bit more obscure? Someone who inspires you? Besides Angelina Jolie)
NM: Angelina Jolie doesn’t inspire me. I still think Kate Winslet is the best.

IOF: Your bio states that you danced ballet professionally and sang opera. Besides that and acting, modeling (and all the secret ninja stuff you’re not telling us about), is there anything else you can do? Like rock climbing? Drag racing? Small aircraft repair?

NM: I like to stand on my head.

IOF: Homina! And a follow up question: Sometimes people who can do all these crazy things have problems with simple tasks like cooking or laundry. What’s your Achilles Heel? (We promise we won’t use it against you, or make fun)

NM: I can’t fold clothes. I just can’t seem to fold them properly; they are always crooked and lopsided.

IOF: Ha! Crooked clothes! Now for some gossip… It’s common knowledge that everyone has a “movie crush” or three. Now that you have entered Hollywood as a fellow professional in the same field, have you ever worked with your movie crush? Or met socially as a peer? If so, what was that like? Go ahead and name names if you want to!
NM: Travis Fimmel, the guy who did Tarzan, the TV show. It wasn’t the right show for him, but holy moly, gaa, gaa, goo, goo…! Can’t have him…

IOF: I totally can’t believe you actually named names. Props to you, Malthe! Now besides stalking Travis Fimmel, What’s up next for you?
NM: I am doing a movie in New York called On the Other Side of the Tracks, and a comedy in the fall.

IOF: Lastly, what advice would you give an aspiring actress?

NM: …don’t!

IOF: Ouch! Way to shatter dreams there Natassia! ;-)

A big huge “thank you” to both Natassia for being so cool and Kat Kleiner for making this happen. Go check out DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE when it opens on June 15th!


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