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Lar Park Lincoln
Friday The 13th 7!!!
Long before Jason duked it out with Freddy Krueger, he went up against the young powerful psychic Tina, played by the lovely Lar Park Lincoln in 'Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood'. A huge horror fanatic herself, Lar has been in other genre films such as House 2 and has appeared on an episode of 'Freddy's Nightmares'. We caught up with her to find out more about her experiences on Friday 7, as well as hear what she's been up to lately, which includes fronting her numerous businesses. Visit her @ Lar Park Lincoln.com. -7/04
What are your earliest recollections of the horror genre?

Well I have to say I love scary movies and I always go back to Hitchcock!  I love Psycho... The early Jamie Lee films. Carrie (and no, I did not pattern Tina after Carrie - Carrie was really messed up - Tina was just...confused!!!) I personally liked the first Friday.
How'd you initially get involved in acting?

I have always known that I would be an actress. I had three major goals in my life by the third grade. I'm always surprised that children today don't have clear-cut goals like that.  They seem to "flounder " and I believe that is due to the extreme amount of information we have today. I believe they think there are so many choices, that they don't have to make any. Anyways... off my soapbox. HA!!! I wanted to act, I wanted to teach (although not in a school) and I wanted to write. I kept written goals all of my life and that is how I believe I've achieved them all.
You were in House 2: The Second Story, which featured such a great cast including Arye Gross, Amy Yasbeck, Jonathan Stark, John Ratzenberger, and even... Bill Maher. What do you remember about working on that picture?

Dying my hair! No really, why do we go to so much trouble to stay blonde and then we are dyed brown!? HA!!!  I had seen and loved House! So I was excited to be in Part 2!  On the way to the final audition, my $300.00 car broke down, of course!  And I am never late!!!  So I called my manager and he came to get me, I dropped him back at the office and he let me drive his JAG to the audition! I really pretended to be a star!!! 
I nearly lost the job after starting because I had a tear on my eye and had to miss some days of filming.  So, I was almost recast. Luckily, I recovered and that was good.  The sets were fun, the big old house, the scenes with Amy... she's really cool and of course, that cutie pie Arye!!

Why do you think your character Kate ran off with that darned Bill Maher anyways?

The script said I had to!!! I dont know... don't the bad guys always have to leave together!?
What were your initial reactions to the script "Birthday Bash" (aka Friday The 13th Part 7)?  Was Tina the role you were always auditioning for?
Yes she was, I came in late to the casting process, largely because my agents weren't too excited about me doing more horror. Friday 7 looked like a fun film to work on.
What were your working experiences like with the rest of the cast & crew?  Were you able to keep in touch with anyone from the production?
I didn't really keep in touch. I ran into a few of the actresses at the salon!!!  Of course, since then I have now met Jason 6 C.J. whom I wouldn't mind running into more often!  I was just trying to keep getting booked and worked all the time, overworking on any project is my Achilles heel - which I actually pulled during a marathon 2 years ago! I was in a wheel chair and 4 casts for the past 2 years! Life has its ways....
You had to fight Kane Hodder's version of Jason for a good portion at the end of the film.  What were your experiences together like?
I was tired. I used to have severe migraines and all the crying and indoor scenes with smoke gave me a lot of headaches. Tina's intensity was needed and I just wanted her to appear "real" and not "like a "Carrie" character.
The fire in the basement toward the end of Friday 7 seemed like a close call & you'd said previously that you were nervous working so close to fire. What were working on the stunts like for Friday 7?
Well, I learned a lot! I learned not to insist on trying a stunt!!!  The fire scene did scare me personally, and I don't recommend falling from a run onto a pier if you have Boobs!!! God Bless the real stunt people!!!

Overall, what were the working conditions like on the set for Friday the 13th Part 7?  Was it a rushed production or did everything run fairly smoothly?
It did not seem rushed to me. John worked with me very graciously and never yelled or embarrassed me. I do wish I had a mass gas clause in that contract because Tina was so tense. I really ached at night!!
Friday 7 sported probably the creepiest looking version of Jason out of all the Friday films.  What'd you think when initially seeing Kane in full make-up? 
This guy needs a facial!!

Did you have any idea how well received the film would be among fans while making it?
Yes, I knew it was a solid story and that John was trying to make the story "stand alone". But no, I didn't realize the full impact until I saw it in a theater and thought no one would recognize me- I was chased by a group of fans afterwards.
What was it like for you to see 'Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood' on the big screen for the first time with friends and family?
I first saw the posters popping up around LA and that was cool. Then I saw the trailer in the theatre while going to see other movies. It was really exciting!

You had admitted to being a huge Friday fan before working on Part 7 & actually saw all the movies that preceded yours. Have you kept up with the series since?

No I haven't. What the heck happened to the story line!?!

You recently showed Friday 7 to your kids. What'd they think of Tina kicking Jason's ass? Do you ever instill some psychic fear into them?

Well, we don't say ass in our house!!! But they had friends starting to see it. I had the poster in my office for a long time and my youngest made me take it down because it scared him ...but after he saw the movie, which they do not see often, he said I could put the poster back up!!  Mostly they said things like "Mom, why would you run up the stairs??" Like I was an idiot!! They had fun with it. I suspect someone had shown them parts of it before!!!
You recently took part in the 'Friday The 13th' reunion at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention in NY; one of your first convention appearances.  What was the convention experience like for you, and what was it like meeting all of your fans?

Aside from still being on a cane from my injury, I just loved it!  I was so happy to meet fans and share stories!!!

You had once mentioned that you had written your own sequel to Friday 7.  Can you PLEASE tell us a bit about the story you wrote and how you would've followed up the series?

OK - I am waiting to still pitch the film. It can still work and actually bring the series together. We have a large adult audience that  I believe would like to "relieve" that first film. I wrote this script where Tina would come back with her telekinetic gorgeous daughter.The audience would feel the terror from both the teenager's side and their own immortality. The babes would be hotter. The guys would have brains and the series would get the respect it deserved!!

At the Fango con, I had tried to convince you that Kane Hodder had in fact worked on House 2 also.  Do you believe me yet!?

I will if I go check the credits!!

You've done a lot of work in television.  Most notably in Knot's Landing. How different was it for you working in television as opposed to movies?

I like TV the best. The daily work is there, not too many all-nighters and you get to see it sooner!!

You fought Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th Part 7 and won!  What do you remember about your work on Freddy's Nightmares?

THAT was so great!! I was offered the role and made it my own personal 'twilight zone!'  There is a scene when I am running in slow motion- I ran in slow mo- and they filmed it normal that was interesting! And doing the scenes without the effects there was fun! I like the technical side!!
How did you start you current business?  What can you tell us about it?
I have always had businesses. I had an invention company that helped to get great inventions on the shopping channels! I still do that so fans, send me your inventions- every one knows someone with a great idea! You know those great chairs that fold up into a bag and fit over your shoulder? I brought those to the channels and the states- they are everywhere!
Talent Start is a coaching company I have to help beginners get started in the Biz or seasoned actors/ models to reinvent themselves coach and teach and do the marketing plans!! I'm a guest host on the QVC channel for 14 years, talking live without a teleprompter, cue card or director can be scarier that looking at Jason!!

Ohh LA LAR productions is my new production company- I have recently produced a video to teach others how to get started, not scammed.

Rumor has it you'd like to return to acting.  Any prospects on the horizon?

I am out there trying!!!!  "Making a comeback when you haven't gone anywhere is tough!" Ha!!

I'm looking at a few independent films that are good- and next week I'm in New York for the beginning of a publicity tour for my books, I have several in editing!

Anything else you'd like to share with our Icons Of Fright audience?

Mostly I must say to all the people who have kept me going... no one person ever does it all. We need so many people to help the "stars" shine!! I'm so grateful to those that have helped me, especially after the death of my husband. I will never charge a fan for an autograph-I will sign whatever you bring. I only charge for pictures that I have printed and incurred cost for.
Lar, thank you for being such a sweetheart. You were one of the first people we knew we wanted to interview when we first started this site. Robg. from Icons is a HUGE fan.

Thank you & all the fans so much for all the support. Now... I must go have an iced tea and play "Mom!"

Visit Lar Park Lincoln at www.LarParkLincoln.com !!!

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