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Warrington Gillette
aka JASON 2!!!
Warrington Gillette had the distinct honor of being the first stalker version of Jason Voorhees. Warrington talks to Icons Of Fright about his experiences on the set of "Friday the 13th, part 2". Mr. Gillette also talks about his new website, Jason2Kills.com (where you can buy official Warrington Gillette/Jason Voorhees merchandise), and the new film he's working on, Bloody Social. - by Robg. 6/04
What are your earliest recollections of the horror genre? Were you a fan?

My earliest recollections of the horror was when I was a child at summer camp in Maine. We watched in a big auditorium a film entitled "THE FLY". Very scary and rocked my peaceful world at the camp. From then on the night was scary. I later became a fan of Alfred Hitchcock growing up. The shower scene in PSYCHO was of course a life long startling memory.
You played the first stalker version of Jason in Friday The 13th Part 2.  How did you land that role?  Didn't you initially audition for a different part?

I landed the role through a submission from agent Rosanne Gates at the Michael Thomas Agency. I did audition for the counselor role that John Furrey played. One doesn't actually audition for a slasher role like JASON. Keep in mind JASON was an unknown entity at that time.

Overall, what were the working conditions like on the set for Friday The 13th Part 2?  The movies tended to come out rather fast.  Was it a rushed production or did everything run fairly smoothly?

The working conditions were excellent. They gave us all the cabins at a summer camp. CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, it was fun being part of something exciting like a horror film. As far I can remember everything ran quite smoothly.
Where did the idea of Jason's first mask come from?  Was it scripted for him to wear the sac or was it something either you or the producers/director came up with?

I have no idea where the idea came from for the JASON face. The special effects artist Carl Fullerton created the demonic look and brought it to reality on my face. The sac idea most likely came from the producer/ director team.
What was your favorite scene (or kill) in Friday The 13th Part 2?

My favorite scene of course in the movie was the grand finale scare scene where JASON jumps through the window and attacks Amy Steel. Quite a shock to the audience when everyone thought JASON was dead! A most memorable experience in my life that I will never forget.

Friday The 13th was Steve Miner's first film as a director. What were your working experiences like with him for that movie?

My experiences with Steve Miner were all good. I never knew it was his first film.

Were there any scenes as Jason that were difficult to shoot?

The only scene as JASON that was difficult to shoot was the final jump through the window. We shot many takes and it was not so easy.

You had said previously that the make-up for Jason was very uncomfortable. Considering you only see Jason's face toward the end of the film, were you in make-up for the whole shoot or just for those end sequences?

I was only in make up for the final scene in the movie which took a few days, for the ending sequences.. Each session Carl Fullerton needed approximately 7 hours to put it on which was of course uncomfortable. The most annoying element was closing off one of my eyes for about 20 hours at a time. You loose all depth perception with having only one eye functioning. The dental implants were annoying as hell. When the final scene took place, I was absolutely in the frame of mind to kill my final victim.
A lot of other actor's who played Jason have admitted to keeping their distance from the other actors to instill some fear into them for when they shot their scenes together.  How did you get along with the rest of the cast on Friday The 13th Part 2?

I think that was a great idea from the other JASON'S to distance themselves from the cast to instill fear. Since my character was in the beginning no one know what to expect. As far as I remember I got along well with the rest of the cast and have only fond memories of everyone.

Were you able to keep in contact with any of the other people involved in the production of Friday 2?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to remain in touch with anyone as our lives went in many different directions. I hope the notoriety of this film and the place it has in horror history could bring us back together.

Did you get to keep any soviniers? The mask or any of the props?

Unfortunately I wasn't able to keep any souvenirs from the film. I couldn't keep the " mask " because it was made up of many different components. In reality it was not a " mask ", it was a creation of art that when complete had to be destroyed. I kept the dental plates for many years but they eventually got lost. I did manage to keep my original script though. Fans can get a copy of one on my JASON2KILLS.com web site.
How'd you enjoy seeing the movie for the first time on the big screen?  Did the 'jump thru the window' at the end scare the crap out of your friends with you?

I saw the movie for the first time on the big screen at our premiere on 86th Street Loews East Side , NYC. I took a big crew, including Andy Warhol. Had a big after party with friends at a restaurant and then off to Studio 54! Those were the days. Yes, the jump the window scared the crap out of everyone. I do remember my Grandmother not being too impressed with the film. She is 100 today and is a classic grand dame, I hope I can work in something one day that she will like.

Were you contacted at all about reprising Jason for Friday The 13th Part 3?

Unfortunately I was not contacted again to work as JASON. The director/ producers were moving on the bigger more powerful JASON'S more suited for the role. I was a young guy. They need a big strong tough guy as the character evolved into this maniacal killing machine. That was not me.

Did you follow any of the Friday The 13th series after the film you did? (if so) Which has been your favorite?

No I was so mad they moved on without me, I didn't really pay any mind to JASON.

Are you involved at all in the upcoming Friday The 13th special edition DVD box set that Paramount plans on releasing later in the year?

Yes I was filmed at the Fangoria convention, held at the Meadowlands, in 2004, on the stage with all the JASON'S. My son was sitting with me so it was fun. They later interviewed me for the DVD special. As I said to them I was just happy to a part of something that has become so successful.

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors convention recently hosted a Friday The 13th reunion.  What was the convention experience like from your point of view & how'd you feel about finally meeting a lot of the fans?  Was it your first convention appearance?

I thought it was great to meet the Friday the 13th fans. I never realized they existed, and I was flattered that someone wanted my autograph and so many were willing to pay for it ! My son exclaimed " Daddy ...they love you...you are a star ! " Well...it was fun to be a star for one fleeting moment in time. Great for the ego and fun for your son to see. It was my first convention experience and I am looking forward to attending the next one , COMICON in SanDiego this July.
What were your experiences like on 'Time Walker'?

Time Walker was another fun experience growing up. I was quite a young man. I knew I loved the industry and was just trying to figure it all out and find my place. I wish I had a bigger part but I was grateful for what I had. A great experience. Being part of a film is very exciting no matter what you are doing. I was just overwhelmed to be part of it. An old friend, Dimitri Villard, produced it, with AK., so it was fun to work together with him on a project and I am forever grateful that he gave me the opportunity.

You're producing a television show called Equestrian Lifestyles.  What can you tell us about that?

I produced a pilot for a proposed TV Reality Show named , THE EQ SHOW , that was modeled after the many different lifestyles within the equestrian industry. This ranged from Racing- Showing - Polo- Recreation - to the wild west. I flew around the world filming people and the scene and put it all together in a presentation pilot. I flew from Dubai to Saratoga interviewing people in the EQ scene. I am looking for a cable show or network to buy the concept as I feel it could generate a big following. www.EQSHOW.com. I have a couple of cable networks that want the show , so I need to bring in a partner/ sponsor to help us put the show in production.

We'd heard you were interested in making your own horror film tentatively titled 'Bloody Social'.  Can you tell us about that project?

I am producing my own horror film to be entitled "BLOODY SOCIAL" It will be a compelling horror saga to be set in Palm Beach, Florida that is modeled after factual events. On the "13th of May 2002" , my father mysteriously dropped dead after lunch when he was in excellent heath. After reviewing all the facts surrounding the death and the behavior of my evil step mother most everyone concluded she killed him to protect her massive wealth and to move on with her new paramour. She made certain she inherited 100 % of his estate, showing greed beyond comprehension, and shortly thereafter moved her new lover into the Palm Beach mansion. Her behavior was abominable clearing showing her guilt and hatred for her husband and his family. This movie will resurrect my character and send him on a NEW mission with a NEW name and NEW motivation. He will be seeking revenge over the death of his father in the racist, anti-semetic, cash capital of America , PALM BEACH. The JASON fans are invited to participate in this quest for revenge & justice by joining the "BLOODY SOCIAL LLC" partnership that will own the film. www.BloodySocial.com will soon be visible for more information. This is the first time fans can be part of the film!

Available thru your site is the official Jason 2 mask made by Bump In The Night Productions.  How'd you hook up with them to design this mask?  Did you approach Bump In The Night productions with the mask idea or did they contact you?

My associate , horror film buff, John Gray , owner of Pit Full of Horrors web site, introduced me to Bump in the Night Productions who are making the mask. They contacted me with the idea and I cooperated with their proposals and am delighted to hear of their major success with the mask.

Wow. Thank you for talking to us and giving us such a great interview. Best of luck on all your future projects!!!

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