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Uwe Boll is the German director of a slate of recent horror films based on video games, "Alone in the Dark", "House of the Dead" and the recently released "Bloodrayne". We got a brief interview with Mr. Boll a few weeks ago to discuss a few things about this much maligned batch of films. Game fans, critics, and the moviegoing public have been harsh on this director. Many don't hesitate to invoke the name "Ed Wood" in the same sentence they mention "Uwe Boll". A lot of genre fans are seen scratching their heads when they read about the talent and budgets the Uwe gets to work with. To be fair, it seems like Mr. Boll is a huge fan of filmmaking, and he seems geniunely very passionate. We gave him an opportunity to talk about his previous films, and answer the question we all want to know: Just how does the director of "House of the Dead" get to work with Sir Ben Kingsley? - by Mike C. 1/06

Generally speaking horror films and films based on video game adaptation don't normally draw the kind of high-caliber talent you have recently worked with, especially looking at the cast of "BloodRayne". How did you get actors like Michelle Rodriguez and Ben Kingsley excited about "BloodRayne".

They liked the script and had no idea that the movie is based on a videogame.

How did things go on the set of "BloodRayne"? What's was your biggest challenge during the making of this film?

It was tough to shoot nights in Rumania with bad food, hotels and crew. The mood of everybody went down after a while - but this was good for the movie.

How does the story in the film "Bloodrayne" compare with the video game? What can fans of the game expect?

We have the main characters, setting and weapons - even fighting styles. But we tell a prequel story how RAYNE became BLOODRAYNE.

Is there any particular aspect of "Bloodrayne" that you're really excited about.

I'm very proud of the movie because it is not a commerical appeal behind it. It is very dark and disturbing. A movie like this would never get financing from a Studio

You're focus has been on adapting video games into feature length films. What's the draw to these projects for you?

Games have great characters, stories, even ideas we can use for Production Design.

Then, why games that fall into the horror genre? Have you been a fan of horror, and if so, what films and filmmakers have influenced you?

I'm a big genre fan and Horror is a genre we can do in a very good quality for less then 20 Mio. $ per movie. How should I do HALO for 20 Mio. $?

We've read some previous interviews that you are an incredibly passionate filmmaker. What draws you to this line of work?

I always wanted to make movies and I started early. From my age between 18 and 23 I wrote 15 scripts on my old typewriter in my parents house. So I was far away from reality. But after this depressing time I made the decision: "Now I do it! I fullfill my dream!"

You've stated that you studied in film school only briefly, about 5 months. What led you to leave and persue other areas (literature and economics), and what drew you back into wanting to make films?

The two filmschools in germany are crap and not practical. It was all about discussions about film theary. So i studied something else and parallel I made with my buddy Frank Lustig our first film GERMAN FRIED MOVIE with 30.000 $.

What's your take on some of the harsher criticism of your previous films? Is there anything you've learned, as a director, from those films?

Absolutly. HOUSE OF THE DEAD: never shoot a movie with a shitty script. ALONE IN THE DARK: never shoot a serious movie with a drunk comedy actress.

You film frequently in British Columbia. Purely a financial consideration or is there something unique about locations there?

Financial decision. But of course Vancouver is one of the nicest cities in the world.

What can you tell us about teaming up with Billy Zane and his production company to re-release special editions of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark?

This special editions will be only coming up on DVD. But Billy is a great partner of Jim Schramms ROMAR - my partner for the theatrical release of BLOODRAYNE

How do you feels about Peter Jackson/Guillermo Del Toro taking on HALO? Did you ever have any plans to adapt that game?

I think HALO is a great game. But the movie will be a boring CGI attraction.

Our staff writer Jay is a huge fan of Burt Reynolds, who will be appearing in your next film. What was it was like to work with Burt?

He is great, cynical, super experienced and easy going as long you let him do his job.

It seems like you have your pick of actors to work with. Anyone you'd really like to work with on a particular project?

The ROCK on FAR CRY. Edward Norton on POSTAL

You're always trying to scare us. What are you afraid of?

That distribution companies are cheating and not paying me enough money from the revenues.

Alrighty then.

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