Quantcast Icons Of Fright presents the Icons Of Horror Rock 2005 Awards

Icons of Fright present the Icons of Horror Rock 2005 Awards
Thanks to everyone who voted and made the VERY FIRST Horror Rock awards a success for Icons of Fright!  Congratulations to all the winners!  Stay ghoul or die trying...
2005 Horror Rock Band
Michale Graves
Michale Graves proved again in 2005 why he is the undisputed king of Horror Rock.  After releasing his much-herald return (on Horror High records), Graves put together an all-star line-up, including JV Bastard and J-Sin Trioxin, and relentlessly trekked the country in support.  An ear infection, and stolen equipment didn't keep the band down as they managed to finish the tour and put together an all-star Halloween show at Connections (NJ), of which a web of drama couldn't even disrupt. 
2005 Horror Rock Album
Punk Rock is Dead - Michale Graves
Michale returned to the genre from which he made his name in 2005 with "Punk Rock is Dead"; eleven songs written and recorded in a single month, Michale added a new element to the familiar mix of zombies and spiders: anger.  In the title track, Michale lashes out at the neo-punk community, Michale yells and screams in 'Exit', dedicates 'Teenage Monster' to Damien Echols, and caps the album off with an ominous and cryptic farewell.  Top to bottom, "Punk Rock is Dead" is a solid piece of work, with songs that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.  If you haven't picked it up yet, what the fuck are you still reading this for: Available at www.merchmonster.com.

2005 Horror Rock Label
Horror High
Rookie label Horror High, headed by Jon Nelson, proved themselves all-stars of the genre, with a super-strong first release by Michale Graves (see above), a follow-up featuring Blasko's Death Riders, and a re-release of a classic Blitzkid record.  Horror High finished 2005 by announcing the signing of Bourbon Crow, and in doing so, redefining what we know as Horror Rock.  With another Michale Graves release on the horizon, and the impending "Prom Queen Massacre", Horror High is starting 2006 strong. 

2005 Horror Rock Tour
Blackest of the Black - Danzig
Danzig and Doyle and "Last Caress" and "Astro Zombies" - what else needs to be said? 
2005 Horror Rock MVP
Argyle Goolsby
In 2005, Argyle Goolsby became synonymous with Horror Rock.  Between staying active with his mainstay Blitzkid, Goolsby managed to perform on a full tour with Dr Chud's X-Ward and keep membership in J-sin Trioxin's Mister Monster.  What to do when all three bands are playing the same bill on Halloween?  Play three full sets and don't break a sweat.  Perhaps what put Goolsby over the top for 2005 MVP is his status as the first announced member of the highly anticipated Gorgeous Frankenstein.  Argyle Goolsby has become a cornerstone of the Horror Rock community, and your 2005 Horror Rock MVP.

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