Earliest Horror Memory? When I was a little girl, I made my mom buy me an Illustrated Classics graphic novel version of "Dracula." She didn't want to get it, because she thought it would be too scary for me. But I wouldn't let her leave the store until she bought it. I couldn't wait to read it. At first I liked the Count on Sesame Street, but then he got kind of boring. I thought they called him the Count because he was a vampire, it turned out it was just because he loved to count things! I wanted to see a real vampire!

Scariest Movie You’ve Ever Seen? I love the original Japanese version of Ju-on. All four movies, really. I feel like a little kid watching that. Like when you can freak yourself out with every little sound when you go to sleep at night. I also love the kid, Toshio. If there is one thing I love to see in a horror movie, it's a malevolent child.

Scariest Book? Two books I remember reading that kept me up all night were, "The Curse Of The Blue Figurine" by John Ballairs, and "The Works of Edgar Allen Poe." My favorite Edgar Allen Poe story was "The Fall Of The House Of Usher." Creepy and mysterious.

Which Fright Fiend Can Take You Out To Dinner? Anybody who loves sushi can take me out to dinner!

What Rad 80’s Horror Chick Would You Like Totally For Sure Be? Like I would totally be any of the bitchen girls from Slumber Party Massacre, like fer sure!

Favorite Vampire/Vampire Movie? My favorite vampire movie is the brilliant and underrated, "Near Dark," by Kathryn Bigelow. It is by far the most interesting "modern" vampire idea I've seen, and Lance Henriksen is phenomenal as Jesse. I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of the same gothic vampire stories, where all the vampires are royalty and speak with impossibly proper vocabulary.

Favorite Ghost/Haunting Movie? The best ghost is Samara Morgan from "The Ring." Sadako from "Ringu" is pretty awesome, but Samara is creepier because she's just a child, and she's pure evil!

Favorite Horror Director/Filmmaker? Although he doesn't really do horror anymore, I would have to say David Cronenberg. I love the cerebral horror of his earlier films. He had a way of taking really bizarre ideas and making them work, and making them scary. He is very creative, and I love his recent work, as well.

Favorite Horror Icon Living Or Dead You’d Like To Interview? I would love to interview Dario Argento. I am interested in Italian horror in general, but I think Argento is head and shoulders above the rest. I like his visuals, particularly with Suspiria, and I like the complexities of his stories. My favorite film of his is "Deep Red." If I could interview him, I would ask him for advice on directing a movie, and if I could be in his next one! I think it would be fun to observe him at work.

Top 5 Movies For A Slumber Party (Massacre)? Slumber Parties are girls only, so here we go!

5) We'll start with "The Decent." This movie is about the dynamic between a group a female friends who find themselves in a tense situation, and start to wonder if they can really trust each other. That's bad enough, until they see what else is down in the cave with them!

4) "Phenomena" by Dario Argento. Everybody remembers Jennifer Connelly from "Labyrinth," and this one came out about the same time. It's like Stephen King's "Carrie," except that instead of telekenesis, she has a psychic link with insects that helps her track down a serial killer.

3) "May" starring Angela Bettis. Poor, poor May. She just wanted a friend. We girls can relate to that.

2) "Stacy"--A Japanese zombie movie, and everything that implies. A strange phenomenon is causing girls age 15-17 all over the world to die and come back as flesh eating zombies. Before they die, they are overcome by something called NDH (Near Death Happiness) which causes them to run around acting giddy and lovestruck, and giggling with delight at everything they see. After they die, their friends and family members are asked to chop them up into little pieces before they are brought back to life as something called a "Stacy." It's just fun. And it's got Bruce Campbell references.

1) The number 1 movie for a slumber party needs no explanation...the best female horror movie ever...GINGER SNAPS!

Monster You’d Most Like To Be? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vampire. Now, I think I'd like to be that thing from "The Host." That was awesome!

Scared Of?
"Davey and Goliath." That show creeps me out!

Why Do You Love Horror Movies? For me, a big part of it is going back to that time when you were a child, and everything was new and different and scary. As we get older, we don't scare as easily, because we've seen it all. It's fun to recall that time, and let yourself get scared and scream your head off.


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