Quantcast Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors June 29th-July 1st, 2007 NJ

FANGORIA'S WEEKEND OF HORRORS PART TWO - Sat. June 30th - Sun. July 1st, 2007 (Secaucus, NJ)
(by Robg,)

SATURDAY (cont): Once again, fan fave David Arquette took the stage right after screening the trailer to his directorial debut THE TRIPPER. He answered questions both from Timpone and the audience and he always replied with his sly sense of humor and total respect for the fans. He talked about THE TRIPPER’s limited theatrical release and feels confident it will find it’s cult following on DVD when it’s released on October 30th. (As it should! Read our FIRST LOOK review of THE TRIPPER HERE!) He also eased one fans curiosity by explaining how he became a wrestler. He joked that he would love to do a TRIPPER sequel and call it (I could be wrong on this one, but I heard) BURNING BUSH? (Correct me if you know what he said!) Regardless, it’s always amazing to have David at these shows and I can’t wait to see more genre contributions from him in the future.

Now, this totally sucked. (No, not the next panel.) At the tail end of David Arquette’s panel, my digital camera registered an “error”. Suddenly, my “memory card” was “corrupt”. Unable to even turn ON my camera, I drove off to the closest Radio Shack (which wasn’t all that close) and replaced my memory card. I thought that every photograph I’d taken up until this point had been lost, but thanks to Mike C.’s computer skills, we were able to save ‘em all! Because of this whole ordeal however, I completely missed Steve Niles panel for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Ugh! Thankfully, Mister Joe Lynch sent me these two images for all you die-hard Niles fans.

Michael Dougherty was on hand to preview his directorial debut TRICK ‘R TREAT! Dougherty scripted X2, as well as SUPERMAN RETURNS (and believe it or not, the script for that is brilliant). Naturally I was excited to see his take on the horror genre, in particular something Halloween-themed. We were treated to a clip with actor Brian Cox being tormented by a creepy doll (!?). Dougherty pointed out right after that the look of his character was inspired by John Carpenter at Cox’s request! I bailed out early on this panel (only because you HAVE to eat lunch sometime) but what I saw of TRICK ‘R TREAT was awesome and it’s in on my must-see horror film list for this fall.

I missed the CAPTIVITY panel with After Dark chief Courtney Solomon. Unfortunately both Elisha Cuthbert AND Daniel Gillies didn’t bother to show. Courtney claimed Elisha was having “female problems” which was funny, but still disappointing. Don’t know much about this one other then the posters got banned, it opens this Friday July 13th and John Torrani really wants to see it.

I did catch a little bit of Stan Winston’s panel with Natassia Malthe for SKINWALKERS, the new werewolf pic directed by Jim Isaac (THE HORROR SHOW, JASON X). Stan spoke a bit about the history of the project and how he had read the script years ago and really wanted to produce it because he was tired of the way werewolves were being portrayed in modern horror movies. (UNDERWORLD, VAN HELSING) Eventually, the option expired on the script but it came back to him later on, and he was so pleased to help make this movie happen. Natassia talked a bit about her experiences under the unpleasant make-up as one of the film’s creatures. Stan also fielded questions about his long career from the audience.

Ah, yes. The highlight of the weekend. Yours truly was asked to host a FANGO panel. And it was for my good friend Joe Lynch’s flick WRONG TURN 2. I took the stage, introduced Joe, and Joe set up the opening scene of WRONG TURN 2 which we screened for the audience. I’m telling you, the opening of the film alone will sell you on it, and much like at the Burbank show, the clip (which features two mutants and something terrible happening to Kimberly Caldwell) won the audience over. Joe pointed out his folks in the audience and blamed his mother for his horror obsession. “She showed me Blood Beach when I was 9!” He also talked about his experiences working with Henry Rollins, recent genre vet Erica Leerhsen and most recent JASON Ken Kirzinger, who plays one of WRONG TURN 2’s mutant baddies. He later went into some details about the upcoming DVD release. While he was unable to announce an official release date for the WRONG TURN 2 DVD, he did say this, “It’s coming out between the dates of October 8th and October 10th.” He also promised plenty of great special features including 3 commentary tracks and tons of behind the scenes footage. Joe admits that WRONG TURN 2 is not a perfect film, but as a genre fan, he did the best he could with it, and really tried to capture the “splatterfest” feel of 80’s horror films. Folks, this is one to look out for!

As Joe finished up signing on the side of the stage, the main stage hosted the costume contest!

SUNDAY: While Icons own Mike C and filmmaker Joe Lynch sat in the film room and watched Uwe Boll’s POSTAL (his supposed masterpiece), previews were just finishing up in the main auditorium, and horror fans were eagerly awaiting the panel with actress Coralina Caraldi-Tassoni. Coralina took the stage and fielded various questions from the audience pertaining to her career which includes fan faves DEMONS 2, Dario Argento’s OPERA, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and Lamberto Bava’s recent GHOST SUN. She debuted 3 full scenes from the new Dario Argento movie THE THIRD MOTHER aka MOTHER OF TEARS. Let me tell you… this looks like Dario’s goriest, most twisted and best film to date. Asia is striking (as usual) and the murders are among the most graphic I’ve witnessed in an Argento picture. (Including poor Udo Kier getting his throat and face slashed repeatedly!) There’s also a “witch” who suffers a similar horrible fate, while a creepy, scary little monkey watches on. (Dario with his animals!) Coralina spared giving away her death scene for which pictures of have popped up on line. The audience still loved every bit of what she had to share, and we’re all eagerly awaiting release information for this bad boy here in the states! Coralina answered a few more questions, talked about her music and paintings, named Joe Lynch (as well as Darren Aronofsky) as the filmmaker she’d most like to work with, and she stuck around and signed for the fans. Great panel from such a classic beauty.

Filmmaker and former Icons interviewee Bryan Norton took the stage next with FRIDAY THE 13TH star Betsy Palmer to talk about their recent DVD release PENNY DREADFUL. Now, this isn’t the After Dark feature that recently also came out on DVD, but a half-hour short film that Norton wrote and directed which stars Emily Vaughan, FRIDAY alumni Betsy Palmer and Warrington Gillette and Tina Krause. They screened a trailer for the DVD, which features a slew of special features including a Betsy Palmer interview, a commentary track (moderated by yours truly), some Behind The Scenes footage and outtakes, as well as Norton’s first short film. Norton and Palmer went back and forth recalling their experience working together on the short, but often times Betsy would ramble on about other things from collecting pennies to why she did the first FRIDAY THE 13TH. The audience seemed to get a kick out of it!

After the discussion, both guests went back to their tables and signed copies of the DVD. You can purchase it via Amazon HERE.

While out in the lobby, I bumped into filmmaker Marcus Koch whose panel I’d caught on Friday. He was making the rounds with the star of his film, Gurdy The Clown. I also bumped into another one of the stars of 100 TEARS, the lovely Raine Brown. (We’ll have a FIRST LOOK review of 100 TEARS up shortly, as well as an interview with Marcus!)

In the main auditorium, Adam Malin was hosting the auction, and James Marsters (Spike of BUFFY, Brainiac of SMALLVILLE) randomly got on stage during the auction of a signed guitar and started playing NIRVANA’S “ALL APOLOGIES”. It was unexpected and unrehearsed, but also kind of cool, and the last thing you’d expect t see at a Fango show. Very neat.

Tony Timpone welcomed cult-fave critic Joe Bob Briggs to the stage. Briggs talked about his career and walked us through the process of preparing his DVD commentaries. When asked about the multiple commentaries that people are posting on line for free, he said he’d really have to look into it and catch up on technology. (I hope he does! I love his commentaries!)

Next up, making his convention debut (and fresh from his successful screening of POSTAL down the hall) was director UWE BOLL!?! He was here to promote the 8 new films he has in production! Yes, you read that right, 8 new films! How does this guy do it?! Anyways, he screened trailers and clips for most of those upcoming films and then talked about each film individually. Of course, the one that had all the positive buzz was his post 9-11 gory comedy POSTAL. (See our FIRST LOOK review HERE) He screened a long clip from his upcoming SEED, which surprisingly enough was fairly disturbing. It was one long continuous shot of a tormentor slowly tapping a hammer on an abducted woman’s head. As he paces around her, he begins to tap harder, until finally he unleashes and practically takes her head off. Again, I was surprised by the brutality of the clip and the complexity of the shot. (Even if it did have a tiny bit of CGI implemented into it.) SEED is his retaliation to HOSTEL which he says “Is only good for last 15 minutes. This film, no one laughs at it.”

He asked Natassia Malthe to join him on stage, as she took over the role of Bloodrayne for the upcoming BLOODRAYNE 2: DELIVERANCE, which they showed a trailer for. And he also invited up Rick Yune (FAST AND THE FURIOUS) who’ll play the lead in ALONE IN THE DARK 2. BLOODRAYNE 2’s trailer was pretty cool, but then again, the first one looked ok and I still haven’t made my way through the entire thing yet. It’s cool that Uwe came out for this show, and it didn’t seem like anyone attempted to heckle the dude. Hell, if he’s got a good movie like POSTAL under his belt, maybe one of these is bound to be good too?! Only time will tell!

One of the best things about going to these shows is hooking up with fellow horror fanatics and partying a bit. I finally got to meet and hang with DREAD CENTRAL’s Johnny Butane and catch up with Nomad. As you can see here, Johnny admires my home-made “It’s All About The FAHEY” Psycho 3 shirt. (Read their FANGO report HERE.)

And we couldn’t bare to part with Joe Lynch…

Overall, the entire show was a laid back, fun experience. We pretty much got to meet everyone we wanted to, the auditorium wasn’t crowded, everyone got autographs. It wasn’t the mega-event you usually expect with a Fango show, but I still enjoyed the hell out of this weekend and mark it again still think Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors is one of the best conventions out there. –Robg.


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