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Dark Corners

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Schizophrenia is a horrible condition to have to deal with I am sure. Dark Corners, starring Thora Birch, seems like it is as close to reality as I ever want to be. Imagine having two fully conceived personalities, that are polar opposites and you not knowing which is the real one and which is the imagined deamstate. Thora plays Karen Clark, a woman who lives a meager life in a horrible apartment and works at a mortuary. She has black hair and a trashy look to her, bordering on Goth. But when Karen goes to sleep, she becomes Susan Hamilton, a beautiful, curvaceous blonde that is married David (Christien Anholt of Relic Hunter) and trying to have a child as well as work her stellar career.

The problem arises when Susan starts having dreams about a murderer who is trailing her, except she isnít herself, she is some brunette and Karen is having dreams of herself as a blond and trying to have kids and going through a miscarriage.

The cinematography on this film is amazing in the fact that the two stories are so diametrically opposed. With the different plot lines, there are different visuals. The clean versus dirty and dark versus light are spot on and add to the confusion of what is going on. You really donít find out until the very end what is truly going on and who Thora really is. She does an admiral job with the dual roles and once again shows an eye from great independent film choices for her career. Special features on the disc include commentary from the director and an EPK. (Union Station/Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) - Myk

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