Quantcast Chiller Winter 2005 review

Chiller Theatre, "Dead Of Winter" Jan. 2005

So, we didn't have the greatest time in October, waiting on line for hours, in the cold, for tickets and for the guest tent. We were thinking about maybe skipping out on the January Chiller Theater convention, but let's get two things straight: 1. We always say that and 2. The guest list for Chiller is always too good to pass up. So it happened, the entire Icons of Fright staff (Rob G, Technoweenie, Zombian, and Mike) once again found themselves headed out to the Sheraton in East Rutherford, NJ, wallets full of money, bags fill of DVDs to be signed, for Chiller. Hey, with a lineup that included Dee Wallace Stone, Doug Bradley, Gaylon Ross, and Howard Sherman, among others, how could we resist? 

Ah, we refused to relive the mistakes of the past -- you might recall my October review where I recommended you purchase your tickets in advance, and by all means, get the pre-show tickets (you get in one hour ahead of everyone). You might recall how I wrote that we always say we're going to do this, and we never, never do. Well, not this time. It's a lot easier parting with your $20 for an autograph when you're not completely exhausted and totally pissed off because you've been waiting for three hours. Also, the guests were a lot easier to talk to without the huge crowds around. The guest were also all really talkative and friendly. While all the guests were really, really pleasant (hey man, there are no guarantees at these things. Don't get me started on the time I got cursed out by a certain possessive actress for mentioning a certain hypnotic sequel...) but the standout for us was Dee Wallace Stone. Dee was the first person we went up to and really, she must be the nicest star that I've met at a convention. We just loved her! She took the time to chat with us, had a really great selection of pictures to choose from. Prices for pictures of most of the guest were around $20, with the going rate for your own item falling around $10-15 (Doug Bradley was old-school, charging $5 for your own item).
The dealer room was packed with plenty of the usual tables, offering everything from unique sculpture, to toys and rare DVDs. Your humble Icons of Fright staff was mostly broke by the time we hit the dealer room so we didn't have a chance to pick up much. In fact, our traditional picture of the the trunk "before" empty, and the trunk "after", full of tons of crap, will probably have to be replaced by pictures of our wallets "before" and our wallets "after", empty. The one thing we did find time to spend our lunch money on was a Spooky Girls chair massage. $15 for 15 minutes and the lovely Spooky Girls, real massage therepists, helped us relieve some of the stress that comes along with thoughts such as, "Geez, I just spent my gas money on Bub The Zombie's autograph".

Ok, so despite my griping about money, this was one of the best times we've had a Chiller. The guests were great, the crowds were nowhere near as bad as the October show, and the organizers didn't have the show split up all over the entire hotel complex. And there were bats. Don't ask. Until Spring Chiller, I'm out...... -mikec.

The entire NY staff of Icons Of Fright made it out to this January's show!!!

The youngans came out for the event! Lil' Leatherface!!!

Robg. with Dee Wallace! We LOVE her!!!

Mikec. is excited to find a rare Cujo pic of Dee!

Ian points out that Dee was also in Peter Jackson's The Frighteners.

Ian confesses his fear of Hellraiser to Ashley Laurence.

Robg. confesses his love of Ashley's artwork!

Mike's just excited to finally meet the lovely Ashley Laurence.

Ian meets Doug Bradley (PINHEAD) and gets called "a wuss!"

Hmm. A brief encounter with Gayleen Ross of Dawn Of The Dead (original).

Mike meets Gayleen and decides not to mention Madman. Even though we enjoy that film!

Robg. chats with MAY's Angela Bettis, who was a treat to meet!

Ian is nervous to meet his favorite zombie, BUB.

Actor Howard Sherman - BUB from Day Of The Dead!
Ian does his best BUB impression!!!

Day of the Dead is amongst Robg & Ian's fave zombie flick!

Ian chit-chats with the super cool Bill Mosley!

The awesome artwork of Stephen Blickenstaff on display!
Check more out at: Stephen Blickenstaff.com.

Ian and Vin reflect on the days experiences...

...as do Mike and Robg.

And before we depart early, we take one last pic with our buddy, Jill
from LixOnLine.com!

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