Quantcast Year THREE of Icons Of Fright retrospective

In Retrospect: Year THREE Of Icons Of Fright (May.07) by Robg., Adam Barnick & Mike C.

Rob G.'s memories:
Here we are again! The May 2007 edition will mark Icons Of Fright’s 3rd year anniversary on the world wide web! It literally feels like only yesterday since I wrote the Year Two retrospective. (Sorry, I know how cliché that sounds!)

The interviews in this past year have really exceeded my expectations and I’m so thrilled at what we’ve been able to share with you guys! After eagerly anticipating our good friend Tim Sullivan’s feature length debut 2001 MANIACS, we were humbled to talk to the cast from the film, Christa Campbell, Wendy Kremer, Lin Shaye and Mushond Lee (who did his first on-line interview ever with us!) Last June, I was invited to my first official “press” screening and junket for THE OMEN remake. And despite weather YOU loved it or hated it, it gave us a chance to get Icons interviews with Mia Farrow, Julia Stiles and Liev Schreiber. Also in June, we got to talk to one of my favorite new filmmakers (and the creator of SAW) James Wan.

Other highlights including featuring up and coming filmmakers such as Adam Green, JT Petty & Ryan Schifrin. Or independent filmmakers like Rusty Nails, David Morwick, & John Shiban. Or even FX legend Greg Nicotero and comic book writer Steve Niles. Speaking to my childhood hero Ken Sagoes, who played Kincaid in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was a dream come true. And having people like David Arquette, Judah Friedlander and Gary Sherman added to the Icons wall has been an honor.
I take pride that we have interviews with the cast, director and composer of the sure-to-be cult classic film Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon. And I’m sure in the months to come, people will be searching out our extensive interviews with them. I was thrilled to get up the first on-line piece with actor Ryan Ward who played Ash in Evil Dead: The Musical. Looking back now, it’s been a diverse and amazing year at Icons Of Fright.
Along the way, we took a lot of trips, made it out to a lot of conventions and made some incredible friends & partnerships along the way. I hope that those relationships will only continue to flourish. And that our community on the web and on great places like My Space only continues to grow. We’ve got big things planned over on the Icons camp and we hope to share them with you all in the upcoming year.

I have to thank staffer Adam Barnick, with whom I could NOT have met our monthly deadline for new content and interviews. Adam truly has become a huge part of the Icons family, and I’m humbled by his continued support, creative input and contributions.

Special thanks to my Icons partner Mike C for starting this with me, and for still continually recommending new crap movies for me check out. And to Jay (aka Jsyn) who’s been missing from the Vault for months, and doing make-up FX for movies! (Or something.) (Kidding, Jay, you know I love ya, buddy!)

And to our friend Bob Clark, whom is no longer with us – thank you for all your support and encouragement in the past 2 years. You were truly amazing to us, an inspiration and you will always be in our thoughts and forever missed!

With all that said…

Bring on Year Four!!!


Adam Barnick's memories:
Considering how busy I am now and throughout the rest of ’07, I’m almost embarrassed to read of how pleased boss men Rob G. and Mike C. are with my volume of content from the past year at Icons! Though I know I’ll always be contributing something here and there to them…the volume may increase or decrease in the tub, but the water’s still running.

I read Icons of Fright regularly since the end of ’04 and the two things I liked were:

The interviews were tailored to the style I wanted to read.

Having been obsessed with the detailed books like “Cronenberg on Cronenberg”, “Schrader on Schrader” and the like, generic one-paragraph sound bite interviews do nothing for me, even when it’s with an artist I admire. You don’t get a sense of someone when their response has been truncated and shaped by an editor with an agenda and only ¼ a page to keep free. Even if that’s the ‘proper’ way to do it, if I’m spending the time to study up on an artist I admire and want to learn from, I want as much data as I can handle. Naturally the superfluous and repetitive material wouldn’t make it… but if people can handle a lengthy, detailed conversation printed online, bring it on! It was flattering to find out they were aware of and reading interviews I’d done for other sites (following this format) even before we’d formally met!
Second thing I liked: Icons is driven by its personalities nearly as much as its content.

That could be a recipe for disaster in some places, but not here. Personalized articles with mountains of photos for things like Convention Reports helped me feel like I knew these guys even before we’d met. Amiable geeks who know how to have a good time, the Icons bunch could get their own show if they wanted to.
I’d see people at conventions and go ‘it’s that guy who runs Icons!” though I wouldn’t finally make anyone’s acquaintance until my last short film came out on DVD, summer ’05. I’m still amazed how quickly things came together and this large group of personalities bonded. One day they’re interviewing me, the next day I’m interviewing side by side. The next day I’m introducing fellow filmmakers to makeup artists; and soon after I apparently have my own supervillian mythology.

Even funnier is realizing how many events/happenings in NYC I’d attended, some since I was 14, and had no idea I was rubbing elbows with the people I’m socializing with now. It’s one big dysfunctional family, and yet we don’t sit around talking about how fantastic we are. Icons has now begun its first documentary which is already making genre headlines, with both coasts pitching in to help. Television ads feature Icons quotes. Ain’t it Cool News has scooped their scoops several times. My own work is picking up, as well as many of the people we interviewed at the start of their careers. It looks like 2007 will be the first of many great, if exhausting, years.

Bring on the horror (and the caffeine).

-Adam “Evil Barnick” Barnick

Mike C 's memories:


Year Three of Icons Of Fright

April 2007 edition:
John Fallon - Actor/Writer - 'DEADEN', ARROW IN THE HEAD
March 2007 edition:
Tony Krantz - Producer/Director - 'SUBLIME' - RAW FEED
February 2007 edition:
Nathan Baesel - Actor - Leslie Vernon of 'BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON'
Scott Glosserman - Director/Co-Writer - 'BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON'
James Mckenney - Filmmaker - 'AUTOMATONS', 'The Off Season', 'CANNIBALLISTIC!'
January 2007 edition:
Bryan Norton - Filmmaker/Teacher - 'PENNY DREADFUL'
Christie Sanford - Actress - 'DESECRATION', 'HORROR', 'SATAN'S PLAYGROUND'
Dustin Warburton - Author - 'TASTE: THE BOOK'
December 2006 edition:
Ryan Ward - Actor - 'ASH' in 'EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL'
Kevin Kangas - Writer/Director - 'FEAR OF CLOWNS', 'FEAR OF CLOWNS 2', 'HUNTING HUMANS'
November 2006 edition:
Ken Sagoes - Actor - 'NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 & 4'
Judah Friedlander - Actor/Comedian - 'FEAST'
October 2006 edition:
David Arquette - Actor/Writer/Director - 'THE TRIPPER', 'SCREAM', 'EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS'
Ryan Shifrin - Writer/Director - 'ABOMINABLE'

John Shiban - Writer/Director - 'REST STOP', 'X-FILES', 'SUPERNATURAL'
JT Petty
September 2006 edition:
Rusty Nails - Filmmaker - 'DEAD ON: THE LIFE & CINEMA OF GEORGE A. ROMERO', 'ACNE'
Nick Palumbo - Director/Writer - 'MURDER SET PIECES', 'NUTBAG'

Raine Brown
August 2006 edition:
Gary Sherman - Director - 'DEATH LINE (RAW MEAT)', 'DEAD & BURIED', 'POLTERGEIST 3', '39'
Lin Shaye - Actress - '2001 MANIACS', 'SNAKES ON A PLANE'

Christa Campbell - Actress - '2001 MANIACS', 'THE WICKER MAN'
Mark Pavia
- Director - 'THE NIGHT FLIER'
David Morwick - Actor/Writer/Director - 'LITTLE ERIN MERRYWEATHER'
July 2006 edition:
Greg Nicotero - KNB EFX

Adam Green - Writer/Director - 'HATCHET'
Joe Zaso
June 2006 edition:
James Wan - Director - 'SAW', 'SILENCE', 'DEATH SENTENCE'
Liev Schreiber - Actor - 'THE OMEN', 'SCREAM' trilogy

Julia Stiles - Actress - 'THE OMEN'
Mia Farrow
John Moore - Director - 'THE OMEN'
May 2006 edition:
Wendy Kremer - Actress - '2001 MANIACS'
Mushond Lee - Actor - '2001 MANIACS'

David 'SLAVE' Stagnari - Filmmaker - 'CATHARSIS', featured in 'HORROR BUSINESS'
William Rot
- Filmmaker - 'Fango Blood Drive Volume 2' winner', 'De Rigueur'


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